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What’s new in eFrontPro

eFrontPro (originally code-named eFront4) is the new, revamped, version for our best-of-breed eFront LMS platform. This new version combines the depth of eFront with a new fluid interface, reworked internals and support for blended learning.

Improvements include:

New User interface

The User Interface has been redesigned from ground-up to bring consistency and superior support for mobile devices through a responsive design and a mobile first approach. eFrontPro also minimizes the clutter of the system in a number of meaningful ways.

Content creation

With eFrontPro we took a leap in revamping the content creation process. We made it really easy to re-use content you already have from PDFs, Videos, Audios, Images and SCORM or re-use web material from Youtube, Vimeo, Prezi and other sources.

Blended learning (ILT)

eFrontPro seeks to redefine the blended learning environment. It allows you to manage both your online and offline training programs. To achieve that, we introduce a new classroom course type which takes place in the physical world but is organized and moderated online. A classroom course can have limited seats, waitlists, meetings and multiple sessions among others.


We totally redesigned the Reporting section of the system to provide clarity and easy access to vital information. The new filtering system let you segment your reports in any meaningful way. The new visualization of system activity offers a stunning way to report on your learners’ progress. And the mass actions minimize the time to perform complex tasks. Extended Enterprise Leverage the power of eFrontPro to extend eLearning across your enterprise. Serve content from a centralized eLearning repository and deliver to any number of privately branded portals. Each enterprise portal can be personalized using distinct skins and features to provide a learning experience appropriate to any target audience.

E-commerce extensions

There is a wealth of ecommerce extensions in eFrontPro, such as Paypal and Stripe support and ways to handle complex e-commerce relationships through Balances, Discounts and Price Tracks. If you want to use eFrontPro to resell or license courses we have great news for you!

Offline Learning

eFrontPro utilizes the power of HTML5 to bring offline content support embedded within the platform. This first-of-its-class offline implementation let you download a lesson for offline viewing directly within your browser and without the need of a dedicated mobile application.


Give your courses a supercharge with gamification elements like Points, Badges, Levels and Leaderboards. Gamification is one of the best practices to increase learner retention & course completion rates as it instills a sense of community. And it's fun, really.


Select among thousands of pre-made courses and increase the quality and variety of your training. eFrontPro integrates with OpenSesame to bring closer the finest collection of courses on the planet.

Audiences and Curriculums

Audiences and Curriculums are new entities to help you organize your learners and courses. The Audiences feature offers dynamic user grouping behavior, while Curriculums offer a way to group courses in larger logical entities and apply rules to them. Internals eFrontPro is built around jQuery (a step forward from our legacy Prototype based codebase), uses (industry standard) get-text for translations, HTML5 and Bootstrap-3 for the interface and a modern MVC architecture. The result is a dramatically improved and lean code-base that we can build upon in the years to come.