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The Users section allows you to list, add and manage users.

A user can be either an Administrator, a Professor, a Student or a custom user type.

The Users section allows you to see all users in a tabular listing with buttons to edit, delete or login as a specific user, and contains a search box for quickly finding the users you want to view or edit.

The user list can be downloaded as an Excel-compatible CSV file.

Users list

The user add/edit panel, shown when you create a new user or edit an existing one, allows you to specify user information such as email address, preferred language, time zone, whether or not the user is active, and a short CV.

Mini How-to: Adding a User

  • On the Users section, click the “+ Add User” button. This will take you to the form for adding a new user.

  • Enter the values for the required fields: First and Last name, username, password (and password confirmation), and e-mail address. The default user type created is Student (as normally most of your users will be students), so if you want to add an Administrator or Instructor be sure to change it.
  • The optional values include: User avatar (usually a photo of the user), language (which can be used to serve language specific content), time-zone and the Branch the user belongs to (in case you use eFrontPro’s Branches feature). You can also add a short description or CV for the user.
  • After you’ve completed the User add form, click Submit and your new User will be created.

Note that you can also have custom fields when you add a User, which you can enable in the User Extend Profile section.