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Themes allow you to change the layout and look of your e-learning portal. You can have a default look and also define a different look for each of your Branches.

The Themes section shows two tabs, one for the “Site builder” and one to “Change Theme”.

The “Site builder” allows you to create pages and blocks. A block, in eFrontPro lingo, is any separate rectangular page entity, such as the Sign up form or the Announcements list. So you can define your own blocks here and place them inside Home page or any of your custom pages. This feature gives you the ability to create a set of pages with your custom content that logged in or non-logged in users should see.

Adding blocks

Alternatively custom pages can load content from specific url instead of containing blocks. You can also define where each page should be displayed. All the above can be defined separately for a specific branch or for the main url of platform. By clicking on Push live button you apply your changes to the layout of the platform.

Creating a page

The “Change Theme” tab shows a listing of installed themes, and allows you to edit existing themes or install new ones.


To install a new theme click the Install Theme button, and enter the name of your theme, an optional branch it will be applied to, and the CSS code with the styling directions (colors, backgrounds, fonts etc.) for your theme.

Each Branch can have its own Layout and Theme.

To learn more about creating your own themes, or customizing an existing one, visit the How to create a Theme.