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eFrontPro 4.5.0

Release date: Jul 21, 2016

  • Added Skill-gap tests
  • Added support for foxy cart, allowing access to dozens of payment gateways
  • Added mass operations for courses
  • Added new Alphatar avatars
  • Added cropping functionality for avatars
  • Added captcha for user sign in and sign up
  • Added self-xss prevention notice
  • Improved “Online Users” list.
  • Fixed using “virtual” reserved keyword of Mysql 5.7

eFrontPro 4.4.0

Release date: Apr 12, 2016

  • Added support for H5P
  • Added support for Tincan 1.0
  • Added Content Versioning functionality
  • Added the ability for an end-user to “request a session” to be organized, for blended courses
  • Added a “Learning history” interface
  • Added 2-factor authentication option
  • Added the ability to clone a unit/test/survey from another lesson
  • Added the notion of “self-assessment” tests (tests that are excluded from the overall score calculation)
  • Added the ability to enter feedback for a user's progress in a lesson
  • Added “Course prerequisites”, so that a user can't access a course before completing one or more other courses
  • Added the Bookmarks plugin
  • Added the Glossary plugin
  • Added the IBM Connections integration plugin
  • Added support for plurals and gettext in JSON/Javascript through i18next
  • Added SAML settings in the branch level
  • Added Site name and motto settings in the branch level
  • Added the ability to define a completely custom branch URL.
  • Added inline help links
  • Added the ability to have more than one default groups. In addition, you may create a default group in the branch level.
  • Added a “last update” field in courses and lessons (and used it for default sorting)
  • Added the ability for professors to send messages to a group
  • Added the “print date” placeholder in certificate templates
  • Added an explanation tooltip in content navigation handles, when serial traversal is set, so that the user knows why moving forward is disabled
  • Added the ability to preserve selection in the tests builder (“Select by criteria”)
  • Added “filter by training session” option in reports
  • Added a direct url for a user to export his/her personal calendar
  • Added an additional audience rule for the user's language
  • Upgraded smarty engine
  • Upgraded the Mail library to PHPMailer
  • All user fields can now be international (like username, email etc)
  • Fixed displaying drag-and-drop answers in random order, when they were not correctly replied
  • Fixed removing a user's answer when constantly navigating back and forth in a test

eFrontPro 4.3.4 (most recent stable)

Release date: Mar 8, 2016 Maintenance release, primarily fixes and minor updates

eFrontPro 4.3.3

Release date: Jan 29, 2016 Maintenance release, primarily fixes and minor updates

eFrontPro 4.3.2

Release date: Dec 22, 2015 Maintenance release, primarily fixes and minor updates

eFrontPro 4.3.1

Release date: Nov 12, 2015 Maintenance release, primarily fixes and minor updates

eFrontPro 4.3.0

Release date: Oct 13, 2015


eFrontPro 4.3.0 introduces a full-featured Gamification engine. Use scores, customisable badges, leaderboards, achievements and all sorts of elements that will add fun to learning!

Welcome Tour

eFrontPro is feature-rich, yet simple to use. Alas, if you're a first timer, simple may not be simple enough. Our “welcome tour” comes to the rescue, providing a built-in, easy to use, easy to understand guide for the basic functions of eFrontPro.

Branch balances

You can now map your contract-based learning to actual credits inside the system. Assign balance to supervisors, who can spend it on training for their users, or simply pass it on to their employees, so they can spend it on their preferred courses.


Impose limits on which user can be created on which branch, by requiring approval of each new user registration that happens on a specific branch, or by setting a hard limit on the number of users. Similarly, have the system require approval when a specific course is assigned to an individual, or a user enrols to a course himself/herself.

Vi talar kinesiska / Vi talar holländska / 我们讲中国

You can now enjoy eFrontPro in Swedish, Dutch and Chinese (simplified).

Registration / Cancellation deadlines

Don't you hate it when people change their mind literally at the last moment? You'll feel better when you find out that you can now set Registration and Cancellation deadlines for your training sessions, for effective planning.

eFrontPro 4.2.1

Release date: Jul 13, 2015 Maintenance release, primarily fixes and minor updates

eFrontPro 4.2.0

Release date: Jun 30, 2015

Revamped ILT

eFrontPro 4.2.0 introduces a revamped ILT interface, for managing physical world training and webinars. With multiple training session handling, 30'' setting up of conferences, automatic calendar-enabled emails and more, it makes settimng up Blended learning easy as cake (not as tasty though)

Test updates and new question types

Four new question types are introduced, Hotspot, Grid, Text with keywords and Fuzzy correctness, for a total of 11 different types. There's also a new “Test builder” engine, that lets you create a test using predefined criteria.

Skill-gap tests

Users can now use skill-gap tests to prove they are already competent on the subject taught and skip training altogether.

Integration with OpenSesame

Get instant access to thousands of training material packages available in the OpenSesame marketplace, right from within your LMS.

Updated calendar

A more powerful yeat easier to use calendar for all your training needs. Always available via the navigation bar, drag and drop support, export to Outlook or Gmail and more.

Drag, drop and share files

You can now create a shared files library for your students. Drag and drop files to add more to it. You can even drag and drop files to create new content in a breeze!

Integrated upgrades

Visit the maintenance section of your installation to apply new updates. Simply point and click and your system will be upgraded to the latest available version

New security features

The administrator can now impose security various restrictions, such as password expiration, account lockups, force new passwords etc

Revamped notifications

A new notification interface, providing maximum flexibility while at the same time being preconfigured for minimum hassle.

Automatic synchronization with external data

You can now create scheduled tasks that synchronize your user data with an external system through CSV files

eFrontPro 4.1.2

Release date: Apr 13, 2015 Maintenance release, primarily fixes and minor updates

eFrontPro 4.1.1

Release date: Mar 4, 2015 Maintenance release, primarily fixes and minor updates

eFrontPro 4.1.0

Release date: Feb 23, 2015


Curriculums is a new feature in eFrontPro. They allow to bundle several courses together and offer them as a single package to users. In many aspects, curriculums behave similar to a course: They can be bought/assigned, reported upon, offer certificates, etc. See Curriculums for more information


Certificates have been extended in eFrontPro. You can set whether the course (or curriculum) that offered them will be reassigned to the user, upon/before expiration. In addition, a new reporting page is available for certificates.

Automatic content conversions

One of the worst burdens of creating online content, is to make sure that your uploaded files, such as videos, audio files, presentations can be delivered to users. Fear not with eFrontPro, since it integrates with EncodeMagic to automate this task for you and ensure optimal encoding and delivery across all web-enabled devices (laptops, tablets, phones etc). See How to work with content conversions for more information


This version supports a new Randomized question type and per-question timers. It also let one re-use questions from other lessons.


Added elaborate CSRF and XSS prevention filters


Added support for Stripe payments


All eFrontPro URLS are now SEO friendly

Login with Facebook

You can let your users register or login with their Facebook account


This version includes a number of reports improvements and report types

eFrontPro 4.0.2

Release date: Mar 4, 2015 Maintenance release, primarily fixes and minor updates

eFrontPro 4.0.0

Release date: Nov 11, 2014

Hello world for eFrontPro!