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Performance tips

eFrontPro is designed to deliver fast performance and scale graciously with increasing load. However, there are a few tips that can moderately or greatly increase performance:

  1. Install a user-caching engine: eFrontPro requires PHP 5.5 which by default comes with an embedded opcode caching engine. However, installing an usercache engine, such as APCu or Wincache (for IIS) can have a tremendous effect in performance, since eFrontPro makes heavy use of them, when available. Suggested allocated memory size is between 64MB to 128MB. You can check to see if any of these engines are already installed under Maintenance
  2. Enabling Mysql Query Cache will reduce the load on the Mysql Server and consequently the time it takes to serve a request. In order to see whether mysql query cache is enabled, visit the Maintenance page