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Integration with Foxy Cart

This guide will walk you step by step through the process of integrating FoxyCart with eFrontPro.

Starting with the integration, log in as administrator to your eFrontPro system, and navigate to System Settings > Payments; and under the section Payment gateway, select the option Foxy.

You will see a few options over there, such as Company Name or Contact name. Leave them be, for the time being. Next click the link To use Foxy payment gateway, you must first signup for a foxycart account. If you do not have already an account, create one now, it is really simple.

Clicking on that link, which will get you to the FoxyCart website, and go to their signup page to create a new account.

Once you have created and verified your account with FoxyCart, you 'll need to obtain your API key. You are going to find this here, under the Store submenu on the item Advanced.

Do not forget to check out the values of other fields in your FoxyCart account, from your profile

Once you have found your FoxyCart API key, get back to eFrontPro and paste it to the settings of the FoxyCart Payment Gateway.

Fill in the rest of the information required with the appropriate values and click Save. Then the option of the FoxyCart gateway will change and a new link will appear, which is called Authorize.

Click that link to authorize eFrontPro to communicate with FoxyCart. It will prompt you to login again and the it will get you to a screen to actually perform the authorization.

Once you have authorized eFrontPro to connect with FoxyCart, you will be redirected back to the eFrontPro System Settings. You are now almost done!

You need to setup a few settings in your FoxyCart configurations. Those are

  1. Store URL: Fill in your store url with the following <efront_base_url>/catalog/cart/1
  2. Receipt Continue URL: Fill in your receipt continue url with the following <efront_base_url>
  3. Also do not forget to fill with the preferred values all the information regarding Shipping Location, Locale, Timezone & Settings.

  1. Would you like to enable your store datafeed: Find this option and check it.
  2. Datafeed URL: Fill in your datafeed url with the following <efront_base_url>/catalog/cart/foxy-data-feed

  1. Setup any payment provider that you want to be available on checkout/cart page.

All the above options are located on top of the screen and we covered the most important settings in order to set up successfully the Foxy payment gateway. Look around to find more options to set in order to unveil the multiple option that FoxyCart provides.

In TEMPLATES section you can write your own checkout/cart template (limited only by your imagination as stated by Foxy team), but requires some programming knowledge (JS, CSS and twig templating engine).

Tech Notice

Foxy uses webhooks. A customer may successfully complete a payment but he/she will not has access to the course(s) that has/have been purchased, until the Foxy webhook inform eFrontPro regarding that particular transaction.