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How to work with the Course Marketplace

Arguably the essence of a Learning Management System is its content. Creating quality content can be quite challenging, not to mention time- (and money-) consuming. Sometimes it's just reasonable to search for some prefabricated content to use for your lessons. Searching however can be a tedious task itself. Or used to be, until we introduced our integration with the OpenSesame content repository.

What is OpenSesame

Citing its website,

Our primary goal at OpenSesame is to make finding, and purchasing, elearning courses simple and affordable. Customize your online training search to best meet your needs – filter by course length, price or features. Preview courses before you buy. Receive personalized course recommendations through our Course Concierge service.

Setting it up

The first thing you need in order to use OpenSesame is to configure it. Go to admin > System settings > Integrations > OpenSesame and use the base endpoint URL, API and Secret key you have been provided with, by us.

Set up OpenSesame

Check the Enable Open Sesame option and click Save. Then go to admin > Courses. You'll notice that there's a new button available, called “Add from marketplace”. Click this button to be taken to the OpenSesame marketplace.

Add from Marketplace

Browsing the catalog and purchasing content

Once you click on the “Marketplace” button, you'll be able to browse the available courses.

Browsing the catalog

Courses are offered in “bundles”. Click on any of them to see its contents. Click on the “Add this bundle” button to add the bundle to your selection list. Clicking on any bundle will enable the “add to efront” button on the top right corner. Once you're done with your selections, click on this button to get to the next step: The system will download your selection and make it available to your system. This might take a few minutes though.

Final step: Putting it all together

The system has now downloaded your purchases. For each bundle that is purchased the system will create a course with the same name and for each course in the bundle the system will create a lesson with the same name and assign it to the course that was created before. All of the created content (courses, lessons, etc) can be found in “Purchased courses” category. Of course any of these lessons and scorm contents are completely reusable, so you can make your own e-learning course.