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How to work with Mass Actions

Mass actions allow you to eliminate repetitive work by automating tasks to be performed to multiple users (e.g. to all members of a group).

It’s in enabling mass actions that eFrontPro’s organizational units (from groups and branches to courses and skills) are especially helpful.

Mass actions can be easily accessed from the Reports section, in the “Mass Actions” dropdown that appears in the Users tab.

Mass actions list

To apply a Mass Action, first select the users you want to have it applied. The default listing in the Users tab shows all Users, but you can narrow it down using the filter function to select users of a specific Type, Group, Job, Skill, Audience or Branch.

User reports filters

When you have selected the users you want, you can apply any of the several mass actions available:

  • Enroll them to a specific course
  • Un-enroll them from a course
  • Add them to a group
  • Remove them from a group
  • Send them a message
  • Deactivate
  • Activate
  • And finally, archive them.

Depending on the action, you will be asked to select a course or group to add the users to, or to confirm that you want it to go throu.

You can also use mass actions outside of the Reports page. Specifically, mass action buttons at the Group and Curriculum pages allow you to:

  • Add all members of a group to one or more courses (“Enroll members to courses”)
  • Add all members of a group to one or more curriculums (“Enroll members to curriculums”)