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How to offer Compliance Training

When a business operates within certain markets or competes for public sector tenders, compliance with industry standards, laws and regulations is often necessary. eFrontPro is a great tool for implementing compliance training for your employees (or even the general public).

In their essence compliance training courses are similar to all other courses. The main difference is that their content is detailed and outlined exhaustingly in the relevant standards and laws, and thus they result in a very specific “skill” or “knowledge set”. You can model this kind of learning in eFrontPro using certifications.

Since certifications in eFrontPro are awarded upon the completion of a course or a course curriculum, a user being awarded a certificate for his participation in a compliance course or curriculum means he has completed his compliance training successfully.

Since compliance certificate holders are often obliged by law or company policy to periodically refresh their compliance training, eFrontPro supports time-limited certificates.

The way this feature works is that the user sets an (optional) duration for the certificate (e.g. 6 months), and eFrontPro automatically expires the certificate after that interval passes. You can even indicate that you want to reassign the course that the certificate was assigned from, upon its expiration, or N days prior to expiration, and have eFrontPro re-enroll the students automatically. When that happens, the course’s progress for those users is reset, and they have to complete it again to get re-certified.

The certificate expiration settings in the Course properties view

Certificates in eFrontPro are created with user-defined templates that are customizable with your own titles, body text and other details.

From the Certificates section eFrontPro admins can view and edit any defined certificate templates, and dig in to view the details for each and the courses that award it. (To learn more about creating and editing certificates, check the How to customize Certifications chapter).

In the same section, the Users tab displays a listing of all certificates awarded to your users, the courses they were awarded for and their expiration status. eFrontPro admins can filter down the user listing and view, edit, and revoke any particular certification they wish.

Users with certificates