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Zopim is a web-based platform that allows you to monitor visitors who are on your website and engage them in a chat. This kind of service is also commonly known as Live Chat or Live Support Software (thanks wikipedia!). You can use the Zopim chat to provide live support to your LMS users.

So, lets get started!

First, log in to your LMS as administrator. From the dashboard, click on the “Themes” option and visit the “Change Theme” tab. This tab displays the list of themes that you have available in your LMS. Locate the theme you are currently using, which should be the first on the list (it has a “check” icon under the “Active theme” column). If you're not using any theme, now is the right time to pick one. Click on the “edit” icon to go to the theme's properties page.

Once you do this, scroll down to the Functionality section. Here you can see a text area which can be used for typing Javascript code. If this sounds too technical, fear not! All you have to do is copy and paste here the code generated from Zopim, used to display the Zopim Chat Widget.

If you don't have a Zopim account already, you should create one, it is really easy. You will only need a name and your email. Once you do so, login in to your Zopim account and you should get redirected to your Zopim dashboard.

Over there, you can see plenty of options to your left… scroll down and under the “Settings” section you will find the “Widget” option. Click on it and you'll see a piece of code which will be used for the Zopim chat. You might want to take some time to explore the various options Zopim chat offers you, in order to set up the settings and appearance of the Zopim chat widget that is going to appear in your LMS. Once you are done setting up the chat widget, copy the code that is provided by Zopim and paste it into the Functionality section we discussed earlier.

You should remove the <script> tags and the comments <!– –> from the snippet of code you just pasted.

Another thing you will need to modify is the logged in user's name and email. You will need to user another small piece of code that you should place just under the piece of code you pasted before.

$zopim(function() {
 $zopim.livechat.setName( + ' ' + ef_current_user.surname);

The result should look like the following screenshot.

Once you have done so, click on “Update” and you're done! From now on, you will be able to have the Zopim chat widget on your pages.

Each time your users need support, you will be able to contact them live, using the Zopim chat service. Your users will also be able to initiate a chat session themselves, from the widget displayed in your LMS.

..and you'll be able to reply to them directly from your Zopim account, when a new chat request pops up at your dashboard (you can reply to this request directly from Zopim).