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How to customize your learning portal

Branding is an important part of any modern business and eFrontPro was created with theming and customizability built-in, making it easy to add your own logo, favicon, custom theme and even custom javascript in your eFrontPro based learning portal.

To begin customizing eFrontPro, login with an admin account, go to Account & settings and select the “Identity” section, where you can set your custom domain, as well a your site’s motto. Next comes the “Appearance” tab. From there you can start by picking a logo and favicon from your computer. It is advisable that the logo is 72 pixels high, while width can be up to 500px, and that it’s selected to match your header color. As for the favicon (the small icon that represent your page in the browser taskbar or bookmarks listings), it has to be square, and will be displayed in a 16×16 resolution by most browsers.

Site Identity

Custom theme settings have their own section, aptly named “Themes”. In the Themes page you can see the visual layout of eFrontPro, and drag and drop page building blocks (such as the Catalog, the Sign in panel, etc.) to create the layout you want. You can also add your own custom blocks to the layout, e.g. a panel displaying a welcome message, ads, custom widgets, etc.

For ultimate flexibility, eFrontPro allows you to define a custom layout of each branch of your e-learning service. Themes sit on top of a layout, and define the various colors, fonts, backgrounds etc. that the layout is displayed in (if you’re confused think of it like this: the layout defines the structure of your site – where things are -, whereas themes define its decoration – how things look -).

Themes list

You can select between several pre-defined themes or install a new one (even one that you have created) from the “Change Theme” tab. From the themes listing you can set the active theme, preview themes, and even edit any theme (a theme being a set of CSS and JS instructions).