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How to assign a set of courses to new users directly

As an LMS instructor or administrator you’ll often find yourself in the need of making changes to multiple entities (students, lessons, etc) at once. You could of course do all those changes manually, one by one, but eFrontPro provides powerful tools to automate your workflow. The most common use cases for this would be assigning a set of courses to new users when starting a new e-learning program (e.g. at the start of a semester). To automate this action, as with many student related actions, you can use eFrontPro’s “groups” functionality. As discussed in the relevant section, groups help you organize users into logical sets, allowing you to treat all of them as a single entity. Actions performed to the group can be applied by eFrontPro to each and every member of the group. Specifically, a group comes with mass actions to synchronize its users with its courses. Let’s walk through the mass assignment of a set of courses to a number of users.

  1. In the eFrontPro UI, click to visit the Groups section. A tabular listing of all existing groups will be shown, along with an “Add Group” button allowing you to add a new group.
  2. Click to add a new group. Enter a name for the group (e.g. “class of 2015”) and optionally select a branch the group will belong to or enter a short description.
  3. Click to save your new group, and select the newly created group. There are links to see the list of Users and Courses assigned to it. Begin by assigning the users you want to the group. Then assign a number of courses to the group.
  4. The final step is to click to enroll all of the group’s users to the group’s courses (eFrontPro doesn’t perform this automatically behind your back, to give you the ultimate flexibility to handle it however you like).

Enroll members to the group

Voila: the group’s users are now enrolled to the specified courses without you having to manually assign each user.