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How eFrontPro supports Instructor Led Training

Instructor Led Training (ILT) can be defined as the training process which takes place under the guidance of a specific individual, usually on a predefined date and location.

eFront can help you set up and manage such real-world training sessions. Read along for a complete guide on how to:

  • Create Classroom-based courses that contain real-world Training events.
  • Set up multiple training sessions for an event
  • Manage Blended learning scenarios
  • Setup a webinar in 30''
  • Enroll to ILT courses
  • Manage waitlists
  • Mark attendance and complete training
  • Conduct pre- and post- training surveys or assessments

Creating an ILT course

In order to create an ILT course, you can sign in as either an administrator or a professor. For the rest of this page we will assume that you are signed in as a professor.

But first, some terminology

A Training Event is an entity that represents a training that happens in the physical world.
A Training Session represents the actual training. A Training Event can include multiple Training Sessions. 
For example, if the same training takes place in New York and London, then you can setup one Training Event
and 2 different Training Sessions. Users will then be able to select which location is suitable for them.
A Lesson represents a training that purely consists of e-learning content.
A course is a collection of lessons and/or training events. The user can buy/enroll to the course

To create an ILT course, go to Courses > add course to create a new course. Select “Blended” course from the “Type” drop-down list

Creating ILT Course

If you don't know the dates that the Training will take place, click on the “I don't have specific dates yet” checkbox

After creating the course, you will be directed to the “Lessons and Events” tab, where you can add e-learning lessons or define one or more “Training Events”. Training Events act just like normal lessons, only they offer additional ILT functionality. Click on the “Add event” link to create a new Training Event:

Creating Training Event

This will bring up the Event/session creation form. Fill in the appropriate information to setup a Training Event. This will also setup a Training Session, taking place at the designated location and date.

Event/Session Form

If you don't have specific dates for your training yet, click on the respective checkbox and a Training Session will not be created (you'll be able to do this later)

Setting up sessions

In the previous section we learned how to create a Training Event. This created a Training Session as well. Let's add some more Training Sessions, so that our users will be able to pick the one that suits them most. From the “Lessons and Events” tab, click on the Training Event's name, “To know us better”, to get to the Event's page. Under the Sessions tab, you can see the Session that was created previously. Click on the “Add session” button to add another one

Adding session

If you're an administrator, you can use the “Location” box to directly create a location (as shown in the screenshot above)

For the sake of our example, we have created 2 additional sessions, one in London and one in Paris. Read on to see how the user can pick a suitable session to attend

If another session is being conducted in the same location at the same time, the system will prevent you from creating it

Registering for a training session

Now that we've setup our Training Sessions, it's time for learners to join them. There are 3 ways for a learner to register for a Training Session:

  1. The administrator/professor assigns the user to one.
  2. The user selects his/her preferred session while enrolling to the course
  3. The user selects his/her preferred session after enrolling to the course

Professor assigns a user to a session

As a professor, navigate to the Training Event's page, from courses > “ILT know-how” > Lessons and Events > “To know us better”. Click on the “Users” tab to bring up a list of all the course's users, along with the session they're registered for. You can click on the session to add/change the current selection

Assigning session to user

A learner can only be assigned to a single Training Session for a given Training Event. A trainer however can be registered to as many needed

The user selects session upon enrollment

Let's suppose that a new or existing user wishes to register for our “ILT know-how” course. The user visits the Course Catalog and sees the course in the list. Clicking on it brings up the Course page, where the user can see all available Training Sessions, each with all the information needed (Location, date, duration etc). The user clicks on the “Select” button to pick his/her favor session and then clicks on the “Get it” button to enroll to the course. User selects session

After enrolling to the course, the user sees the course in his/her courses list, along with the Training Event it contains and the time left until it starts

The user selects session from within the Event

There are a few cases where a user might be enrolled to a Blended course containing one more Training Events, but have not been assigned to a Training Session for one of these Events. Some scenarios where this can happen are:

  1. The user was enrolled to the course before any Training Event was created for it
  2. An administrator manually added the user to the course's roster, without specifying a training session
  3. The user purposefully withdrew from a Training Session

In such cases, the course in the user's “My courses” list will appear with an exclamation mark next to the Training Event:

Exclamation mark

Once the user clicks on the Training Event to access its dashboard, he will see an empty box prompting him/her to select a session. Clicking on the respective link brings up the list of available Sessions, in a process pretty similar with the one we saw in the previous chapter (where the user picked one from the course catalog)

Available Sessions

Once the user clicks to select and confirms the desired session, it is added to the Event's dashboard. Depending on the Training Event's properties, and provided that the Session hasn't started yet, he/she may be able to switch again from the “Select another” link

Event's dashboard

Completing the event

Once all Training Sessions are setup, the Trainer is ready to conduct the live training. Typically this will take place somewhere in the physical world. Once the training is complete, the trainer would want to indicate which users have actually attended the training, and possibly setup a score. This is done through the “Attendance/Progress” option, found under the Training Event's dashboard

Attendance/Progress option

This list allows the trainer to register attendance for each user, as well as specify the status, score etc

Registering attendance

By default, setting the attendance will also mark the Event as “completed” for the user. If this is the only lesson/event of the course, it will also lead to the course being completed (and award a certificate, if one is assigned to the Course)

Enriching Event with Assets

Usually the trainer will want to share additional resources with the Event's learners, such as files, content, etc. A Training Event behaves much like an e-learning lesson in this aspect: The trainer can create content, or share files. These will appear in the learner's dashboard just like they would if it were an elearning-only Lesson

Enriching with Assets

If the trainer adds an additional unit to the Event, then the content tree will display an additional unit that has the same name as the Event. This unit represents the Live Training itself and can only be marked as complete for a user, when the trainer sets attendance. Having the training represented as unit allows for defining elaborate completion and traversal rules in the Event. For example, the trainer can create a pre-training survey and a post-training test. If the “Serial traversal” rule is set, the learners will have to complete the survey before attending the training. They will also have to complete the post-training test in order to complete the Event.

Setting up a Webinar

In general, the term “webinar” refers to a special case of live training, where the trainer delivers a lecture through video conferencing. Let's see how eFront streamlines the setup of webinars that are conducted either via BigBlueButton (BBB) or Webex.

First, you have to setup your videoconferencing gateway. For this example we will use BBB: Go to admin > System Settings > Integrations > Conferences and enter your BBB gateway details:

Setup videoconferencing gateway

As soon as you click on submit, a new Location will be created with the gateway's name. You can go now and create a new Training Event and Session, and select this location as the place where the Session is conducted:

Webinar session

This will create the session just like before. Only this time, the Training Event's dashboard for users will include a “Start” button along with the rest of the session information. The button will become clickable for the Trainer a few minutes before the scheduled session start time. For the learners, it will become clickable as soon as the trainer initiates the conference by clicking on the button.

Starting conference

Clicing on the start/join button will send all participants to the conference's gateway page. Once the training starts, the trainer will also be able to indicate that it's ended, by clicking on the respective button.

Clicking on the “End button” will not only mark the session as completed, but it will also set all attendees as having attended the Event. It will also initiate the process of collecting the conference recording from the gateway. Once that is complete, the recordings will appear on every attendee's dashboard, should they wish to view it again.