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There are several techniques that are routinely used to “gamify” a web application or service, and eFrontPro integrates some of the more well-known and battle-tested ones, namely Points, Badges, Levels, Leaderboards. Administrators can set up Gamification settings from the System Settings page.


Points are the equivalent of “keeping score” in a game. You can configure the occasions in which points are awarded (for example, when one completes a course, for each login to the LMS, etc). Each time a user gets points he is shown a non-intrusive message, along with a visual count-up incrementing his total points in the header. The whole scheme might sound simple, but there’s nothing like a subtle touch of gamification to ignite the competitive spirit in your learners. Gamification points


Badges are the equivalent of real world badges (or “medals”). They are visual stamps (images), that are unlocked on certain achievements, and are displayed in the user’s header and profile info. As with points, when a user gets a badge, a non-intrusive notification is shown. eFrontPro implements a badging system that makes acquiring badges easy in the early stages (e.g after a few logins, or on course completion), and increasingly difficult as the user progresses (e.g after getting a certificate, after getting a perfect grade on a test, etc). Our badging system offers badges in a symmetrical and predictable manner.There are 8 categories of badges available, with each category offering 8 levels of badges. Gamification badges


Levels can be thought as a hierarchy that the user can move up on (like getting a promotion at work, or completing a year of school). By default, all users start on Level 1. Administrators can define in which cases level is moving up. For example every X points, every Y completed courses or every Z badges.


Leaderboards are what you might know from your console gaming years as a “high score” list. Leaderboards offer a visual depiction of the user’s ranking under various metrics (Points, Badges, Certifications etc) compared to fellow learners. Leaderboards always mention the best in their category, as well as several people near the the current user. This way the learner has a grand overview of his position compared to others. Leaderboard

Gamification Widget

The Gamification Widget offers a universal, always accessible way to the Gamification info from the learner's interface.

How to see the Gamification Reports

In order to generate reports on Gamification you need to go to Reports/User Reports and click on the User. On the right side, click on the Gamification icon, where you can view the status of Gamification for the User.

In order to view the overall ranking of your users, you can click on any feature, e.g. points, to check how the leaderboard is formed based on your user's progress. The same applies for the level ranking and badges collection.

Learners can view the leaderboard by clicking on the green button with the points displayed, next to his name.

How to customize the Gamification experience

The Gamification engine allows administrator to select and parameterize the gamification characteristics according to his needs. For example, he may opt to use or not use Badges. He may also decide to incentivize users to login more often by boosting points-per-login. Gamification settings

He may also opt to turn-off Gamification altogether

How to customize badges

Customized badges allow you to replace the existing badges icons with your own in order to customize the gamification experience that you will offer to your learners. Through the administrator homepage, visit the System settings → Gamification tab and click to customize the badges. Click on any badge to modify its name or image. The image must be 200 pixels wide and 200 pixels tall. Customize badges