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Migration from eFront 3.6 to eFrontPro

Step-by-step guide

Migrating from efront 3.6 to eFrontPro is not a simple task; The two platforms are much different in terms of technical foundations, and this is why a “migration” is needed, rather than “upgrade”.

Luckily, there's a plugin designed for this, that streamlines the whole process. Below you will find a guide on migrating eFront 3.6.x to eFrontPro.

Using a recent efront version, like 3.6.14 or 3.6.15 is strongly recommended.

So, let's get started! First, log into your eFrontPro system and navigate to the plugins section.

Once you do so, you will see a list of all the available plugins for eFrontPro. Click on the “plug” icon next to the Migration plugin, in order to install it. Once installed, the Migration plugin will place a new item in your administrator's dashboard:

Click on this item to go into the Migration page. The migration plugin will scan and find all the databases that are on the same server, and eFrontPro has access to. Select the one belonging to the efront 3.6 instance you wish to migrate.

Not everything can be migrated from eFront to eFrontPro. Click on the “documentation” link to find out more, or consult the Appendix

Apart from picking the correct database to migrate, you also need to type in your eFrontPro password (for security reasons), as well as indicate what should be done with the supervisors of your eFront 3.6.x installation. Since eFrontPro does not have the notion of “supervisor” but rather the “branch admin”, you can select whether supervisors will be imported keeping their user type (student or professor), or convert the to branch administrators. A third option is to create a pair of accounts, mapped to each other.

Once you're ready, click on Submit to start the migration.

All of the existing data in your eFrontPro installation will be permanently deleted

This process may take several minutes to complete, depending on your data volume. Make sure that PHP’s timeout limits are adequately high. It will also require a fair amount of memory available in the system.

After importing all data, you should copy the www/content folder of your eFront 3.6.x installation to the same place in your eFrontPro installation. In case there are custom files (custom signature images) in folder www/themes/default/images/certificate_logos you could paste them into folder www/assets/images/certificate_logos of EfrontPro.

You have to remove any .htaccess files that may exist in www/content folder. In addition make sure that the web server (e.g. Apache) has write access to the copied folder and its subfolders.


The tool will import all data that are compatible between the two platforms, converting them appropriately when required. There are quite a few entities that are not supported, and others that will be changed substantially during this process. A complete list follows below:

Please read the list below carefully to decide whether migrating from Efront 3.6 to EfrontPro is justified, based on your needs.

  • Multiple branch placements are not supported. If a user has more than one branch placements, only one will be retained (with supervisor placements taking precedence).
  • A user can no longer be a supervisor and a student or professor. All supervisors in eFrontPro are administrators. You can select how to handle supervisors from the plugin’s main page.
  • A user being enrolled to a course with a different type than his/her own is not supported. Course assignments with a different user type than the user’s default are reset to the user’s standard type.
  • Languages that are not part of the default languages, will be reset to English (i.e. a Chinese user will be reverted to English).
  • The branch fields “address”, “city”, “country”, “email”, “telephone” are no longer part of the default branch properties. However, for any branch that contains this information, these are converted to extended fields and imported.
  • The branches’ theme and language settings are not retained.
  • The notion of a “course instance” does not exist in eFrontPro. Imported course instances are converted to normal courses. The connection to their original courses is lost. The same goes for lesson instances.
  • There are no “standalone” lessons in eFrontPro. All standalone lessons are converted to courses, holding a single lesson.
  • Lessons are no longer associated with a category. This association is lost when importing data.
  • eFrontPro does not support recurring payments.
  • eFrontPro does not make use of metadata. No metadata will be imported (for content, files, etc).
  • eFrontPro does not currently support feedbacks or surveys and these will not be imported.
  • Imported users will not keep their Avatars (profile pictures) and comments field (the latter is not available in eFrontPro).
  • SCORM 2004, Tincan and IMS content is not supported in eFrontPro. Such content will be imported but will not reproduce properly.
  • The order of lessons within courses is reset.
  • Data contained in the “employee” aspect of the users’ profile will not be transferred (birth date, driving license, hire date etc).
  • Required skills for jobs are not supported in eFrontpro and will not be imported.
  • All information pertaining to lessons, such as groups, jobs, branches, is not imported, since lessons are stateless and depend on courses.
  • Any announcements are not imported.
  • Content traversal rules are not supported in eFrontPro, except for the “serial” rule. All other rules are not imported.
  • All archived entities (users, lessons, courses) are not imported.
  • All eFront 3.6.x modules are not compatible with eFrontPro and are not imported.
  • All existing notifications are ignored and not imported.
  • Bookmarks are not supported in eFrontPro and are ignored.
  • All logs and events are not imported.
  • All queued and sent notifications are ignored.
  • eFront 3.6.x themes are not compatible with eFrontPro’s and are ignored.
  • The index page layout is reset.
  • The lessons’ control panel layout is reset. Overriding this is not available in eFrontPro.
  • The backup/restore functionality is not available for eFrontPro.
  • Scorm progress data is not imported.
  • All system settings are reset, including the logo and favicon.
  • Custom reports are not supported in eFrontPro and will not be imported.
  • All payment­ related data is not imported.
  • Payment settings and coupons are not imported.
  • The forum is not supported in eFrontPro and is not imported.
  • Skill­ gap tests are not available in eFrontPro and are not imported.
  • Curriculums are not available in eFrontPro and are not imported.
  • Linked units are not currently supported in eFrontPro.
  • Projects are not currently implemented in eFrontPro and will not be imported.
  • All social extensions, such as timelines, people connections, personal statuses etc are not supported in eFrontPro and will not be imported.
  • The “Example” type of content is not supported. All such content is converted to “Text”.