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Audiences allow you to divide your users into logical groups based on certain conditions (“Rules”), such as the Branch they belong to, their Job Position, their User Type, or custom criteria (the values of custom “Extended Fields” you might have defined for them).

The Audiences section shows a tabular listing of the audiences you have defined, allowing you to edit, delete or activate an existing audience or add a new one.

To add an audience you click on the “New Audience” button, and enter the name and an optional branch and description for your new audience.

Adding an audience

After you created an Audience, you have the option to edit its rules in the “Rules” tab, and see a listing of the users matching this Audience in the “Users” tab.

Mini How-to: create a new Audience based on rules

To create a new Audience entry, click on the “+ New Audience” button on the Audiences section. You’ll need to enter a name for the Audience, and specify an optional Branch and Description. Finally, you can set it to active (default) or not. When finished, click “Submit” to create your new Audience entry.

After you have created your Audience you get to specify the rules for it. You can select one or more Branches, Job Positions and User Types to have the Audience automatically match the users fitting those criteria.

You can also specify specific users to be included in the Audience, or use Extended Criteria, which are custom fields you can specify for your users (consult the Extend Profile chapter for how to create and manage them).

Adding rules to audience

The Users tab of your Audience will show you a listing of all the Users that your rules matched.